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Black H’Art Series

Iam happy to share with you my BLACK H’ART SERIES. Being an artist has its fair share of trials and tribulations, but recently when I experience pressing frustration, instead of pushing it aside as usual, I have explored it, hence the BLACK H’ART SERIES came about.
In these works, I took the decision to virtually turn off the light and not use colour. My objective was to work out my frustrations, my struggles and express my strive to exist as an artist.
In an effort to draw a parallel relationship between my artistic existence and the force of nature, I was able to explore nature’s continual strive to exist regardless of obscurity, regardless of obstacles, relentlessly working its way towards the light.
There is no anger in these works because they are black and although BLACK H’ART arose from frustration, surprisingly I was able to achieve some form of serenity and peace through them.
As always my objective remains the same; to push myself further and further artistically, look for new challenges and to get my work seen by the maximum number of people.

In addition, I was very happy to exhibit at the opening of a cosy co working space with some my monochromes from my BLACK H’ART series last year. Here are some photo shots of the space. Acacia support artists by exposing them in their co working space on a regular bases. Here is the link to thier Facebook page Acacia Coworking Space 149 rue Gallieni, Boulogne-Billancourt, France.

Quite a few of you are intrigued by the BLACK H’HART series. Just so you know, I plan to show them in Paris at some point during 2021. I will let you know soon. Peace xx

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