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R.- Do you think a painter… born or made?

J.- You obviously need basic technics, skills and to understand the products. I have always said, that my Mother taught me my primary skills until I went on to study the Arts. Afterwards, I developed my own message through my experiences and my personal interpretation of how I see nature. The initial technics that were taught to me have been worked and developed every day through trial, error and observation.

R.- What´s for you a work of art?

J.- It is not for me to define what is or what is not a work of art! It is subjective. It is the individual interpretation of what one sees when one looks upon a piece of work and judges with one’s social background, one’s cultural heritage, one’s religious or political views etc; and as Oscar Wild once said “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. All I can say is that I am very open to many forms, periods and styles of Art in sculpture, architecture, photography, painting etc. Something has to move me or touch me, whether it is the texture, the atmosphere, the subject, the technic or the color.

R.- What would you like to achieve with your paint?

J.- I don’t want to think negative or be self-analytic when I am painting. I don’t want to question what I am doing. I want to be true to my inner vision of how I see nature. I want to be true to my soul and honest with myself, my feelings and my passion. I want to transmit that onto a blank canvas. That’s it!

R.- Who are your favorite artists?

J.- I like a lot of paintings, sculpture and architecture from the Italian Renaissance and I am particularly passionate about the impressionist period; Monet, Degas, Gauguin. My preferred artist of the Impressionist movement is Claude Monet. I particularly like the American artist Joan Mitchell who lived and died in Paris (1925-1992). She was one of the co-founders of Abstract Impressionism of the second generation and developed the technic. Most of her best works were done whilst she was in Paris. I find her work particularly expressive and moving. Joan Mitchel was one of the few female artists that contributed to this movement and her principle theme was landscape painting.

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Upcoming exhibition on June 9 & 10, 2023


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