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The Artist

With regards of what painting means to me, I could only speak in terms of the emotions that it generates within; it signifies passion and intensity, and at times it gives rise to frustration, as well as fear as I am obliged to work with my inner soul.

- Jezel

Photo Nadine Allasia

Galerie Mona Lisa, Paris 

I am a British artist, born in London, living in Paris and my multicultural heritage has always influenced the way I look upon life. Since childhood, painting has always seemed evident, for my mother painted “still life” and she nurtured my passion for art.Nature has always been a great source of inspiration for me. I am intrigued and inspired by its magnificence, its excellence and its mystery. I seek to express nature with chromatic lyricism and emotion. It is true that I have a tendency to meander between the impressionist and the abstract world with a limited palette of colours. This I develop into a multitude of tones, which I believe are most representative of my inner vision, or my interpretation of how I see nature, incorporating light and movement.

My intention is to transmit feelings of serenity and harmony in my paintings with the hope of reaching out to the viewers so they may feel that they are there in the moment. “Situated between figuration and abstraction, one can take a double look at each painting, resulting in a long lasting and profound reflection.’ (Opéra Art Gallery, Paris)

And when I am on a good run, I try not to be analytic or self-questioning; I just go with the flow. This is why I enjoy working in the acrylic medium, as it is so spontaneous. It dries quickly and has strong colours and enables me to get my ideas down quickly and avoid hesitating. But at the same time, much of my secondary work involves several layers of brush, roller and knife strokes in order to achieve textured, layers and movement in my work, working and reworking the painting until the subject comes to life.


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